Wednesday, February 4, 2009

InfoArch-Wurman Reading

I thought it was interesting how the reading was talking about how we view the world. How each person is different. Even if i was to make a universal Icon or poster someone might view it differently. This might because of their past experiences or how they are feeling at that time. It reminds me of childhood looking at images that are something else or playing that game telephone.

I think that is why we have so many different artistic views because some are attractive to people and others are not. I think the world is better when people view it their own way because that means we have creative writing as well as creative art styles.

This reading effects my reading by bringing up a lot of questions that are being answered by my research such as. Why are these writers thinking this way. I know a few of them where brought up thinking that this was the only way. Or slowly came to terms with how to improve the area around them hoping it would better other people.

I just wonder if i go back to read their stories again will i find anything that makes me ask more questions. I feel that this reading has warped my perspective on viewing and listening/reading. I have noticed that some of their readings do not collaborate with their works. I wonder if the writing they do has any effect on their work or their work as effect on their writing or non at all.

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