Thursday, February 12, 2009

Typography learning

post to your blog some of the things you’ve been making and what you’ve learned about typography through your making.

I am experimenting with different typefaces to create a skull I have made a few so far its very interesting how the form changes when the typeface changes. Kepler has some really interesting Glyphs so I am playing around with creating the skull in a decorative fashion which gives it a Day of the dead look. I have also messed around with a few sketched Ideas of using a skull and Psychedelic tpyefaces to see what it would come out. I want to take it to the computer after a few refinements. One problem i have run into is you cannot just pick a typeface off hand when creating a picture from it because it must fit the picture if you want a viewer to understand what they are looking at in a type form. For it to be read able as both image and text you have to choose the placement as well as the style that it will be in. I find myself staying away from bold lettering because it seems to wash the image out.

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thenewprogramme said...

the process of switching typefaces in your skull illustration yielded some interesting results, so i'd like to see an even wider variety of typefaces to see how the skull morphs.

the phychedelic type test will be interesting too, because it's a different way that type and image relate -- in most phychedelic posters the viewer sees the image first, then realizes there is type within. it could be interesting to play within that gray area, trying to make something where the viewer sees the type first, then the image, and vice versa.

with your current skulls, what do you see first -- the type or the image? what do others see first? see if you can switch that around. see if different typefaces switch that around for you.