Thursday, February 5, 2009

Typography writing

write a page or so (not including images) about this recurring typographic tendency or larger trend you observe from your research. how would you describe it? what are its traits? where did it begin? where does it appear? who’s doing it? why is it important?

It seems that the area of making type look like images is for both bold and playful statements. I have noticed it used when they want to symbolize a coming together not of images of people but words that have meaning. It seems that when these words are put together in image form the both the words and fonts become that much stronger. The images are recognizable to the population. Most of these forms are not abstracted down to a few typefaces and meanings. It appears that the typefaces are similar in nature to one another such as a sans-serif with a sans-serif and so on. There are some images i find interesting because the image the text make is sort of a haze so you have to look for it. I enjoy that aspect the most is looking for it. It begins in various places but i see it used the most in the 60's and 70's in posters putting text where the images should be a sort of rebellion against image focusing more on the type or the power that font gives to the changed image itself.Also, you see it more now I think because of the incorporation of the computer being able to create images from typography more smoothly than before. Artext is one of the main modern sources I found doing this style the most. On their website they state that they want to show that images are just as powerful as words and just as easy to understand. It's important because it seems that our society today depends on images to read whats going on in ads or any other form of graphic design. But, to take that image and make it meaning full words that turn out to be an image you seem to stop and study it creates a relationship with all viewers when they look at it. They may notice words that other people have not seen which makes the work unique in the aspect that people can choose what to see the image as a whole or breaking it down into the simple text or the typeface.

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