Monday, April 19, 2010

Update Degree project

At the monument i am editing video. I have found that Bios of the people who are helping in safe is a wonderful idea. I have found by asking around that written bios are not giving a person in distress enough information...but video allows a person to connect. So this after noon I will be using some of my class mates to do video bios.

I ran into some problems with my font not sure if it is working correctly. I think it works for some people but with others it is not coming across as safe. So I will need to ask around to a few people.

Now it is all about tweaking information and getting it all working and correct.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Degree projectSi

I have been developing a script for two people to read in the site. It may come down to one person. Below is an image of what the person in distress maybe seeing. when a chat opens up.

these are a few of the ideas that i have come up with when it comes to design and color choices.

This is the one i am going with...i just feel the colors are a bit to muted.

I have to do a few changes to the buttons..but it seems that the flow is simple to understand.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Degree Project Midterm

The whole idea for this degree project is to reach out to someone who is thinking about suicide. The best way to reach everyone is online and through advertising. The site will offer the person outlets of who to call and talk to if they need help. There is also a place for people who know someone who is thinking about suicide and informing them about how to handle the situation in a calm manor and to seek out help as soon as possible.

The layout for the website is going to be simple here is an example of a rough wire frame to see how it looks in simple form. I want the user to be able to access the numbers or video as soon as possible because they are the main people the website is catering too. The second group is the ones that think someone could be in trouble.

To update on my project I have found a name for my website its name is safe. The word fitting with the function of the website. These are some tests of different fonts to see what would fit the name as well as the use of it for the website.

The font chosen was Filosofia OT Italic though I started thinking what would happen if an icon took place of the name and could be used to brand all the items both on and offline.

These are some icons i have been working on for the website I feel that some of them work but others are not working for the over all appeal so they can use some help.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

SE: Auto Show

This photo shows interaction within the auto show. Asking the viewer to get involved.

Another photo of people engaging in interaction at the auto show.

This one I thought was interesting because it attracted the younger audience to come and participate in the interactive game known as foosball.

This shows a car on display but the poetic part about it is the display that it is in. All wood display placed around the car almost giving it a home like effect.

This is persuasive in the fact it is showing the awards that this car company has made. This would entice the viewer to wanting to buy a well made car.

This is practical in the fact that viewers can choose the color of their car.

This is persuasive because nothing beats a man selling the car over a boom mic.

This is persuasive in showing all the viewers that Chevy offers so much more than any other car company.

This is persuasive in that the car company is showing the viewers who maybe outdoors people that this car is perfect for biking and so much more.

This is poetic because it is showing jeep in a beautiful landscape.

This one is poetic in the fact that it is showing Toyota with a image of nature. this could mean that Toyota is nature friendly or many other positive things.

This bored giving all the information on this Toyota is practical anyone who was wanting to buy a car would look at the miles per gallon this baby can take.

This is persuasive yet practical allowing the viewers to see what makes ford unique but also relating the icons to each individual car.

Practical showing the map of the arena this is being held in.

Practical showing icons for people to know where the bathrooms are located.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Degree project: deep thoughts

So I have started collecting stories from people who have lost others from suicide..and I think i will collect stories on other peoples thoughts on suicide to see it from different angles. Josh in my class brought up a good point in saying "This is just your information is their anything out there in other books that you have looked at?" And I told him the truth of it is that Suicide has been looked at from this one point of view seen through both the books and the web. This point of view being tell them to stop it, show the warning signs, and tell them how they can get help. There are still suicides happening I think this information does help, but I want to see if their is anything else out their that could as well. I wanna look at peoples stories because of a little thing called glorification. This word glorification means when you are glorifying someones death: AKA you put that someone committed suicide in the newspaper though you cannot do this and the parties involved often don't want to expose the cause of death. So this brings me to the fact that if you hid these truths will it help? My answer is no. People need to know the stores from the people who new the person who committed suicide. This way a person thinking about it may have second thoughts because they are going to hurt someone that they are very close to. So i really want to push it into their minds that they are not alone and there are connections even after their deaths. I wanna show what suicide has done to a family how it changed them forever. Perhaps then they will see that suicide is a selfish way of dying. Any comments or suggestions??

Monday, February 1, 2010

Degree project Tests

so I have done three experiments so far on people I have dubbed the Ginny pigs. The first experiment I have asked a few people to look at note cards with different topics written on them. Topics that could be titles for categories in a website. So they would take note cards and put them from most important to least important. This is coming from their own opinion. Most of the Ginnies had the same order. It was to understand if my structure of hierarchy could be understood from anyone if they could put this in order.

The second experiment involves finding a font that everyone can relate to. I asked questions such as what font makes you feel comfortable? What font allows readability?
Most of the people narrowed it down to one serif and one san-serif.

The third is finding out what a layout for a website may look like through various sketches.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Degree project- Rapid Experiments

I'm going through questions that I want to test and see how a person that could be coming to this website would see for the first time. Before, diving in with what should be in the website I need to go over how I want the website to look and how it should be navigated through by the various users that will be interacting with the website. I really want to make sure that the web environment fits with the information. This means I will have to test the use of Fonts to see how the reaction of the user so different fonts to give the user a specific feeling for the information. Also, The wording the of the content is crucial for the understand the information in a specific way. I want to show the content in a range of hierarchy the most important information to the least important. So the information they should know first and foremost is provided at the beginning and not half way though a sentence or the website. Besides the web content their is an issue of knowing what colors help to back up the emotions that are conveyed within the content.

So the list follows:

Website layout prototype through paper prototyping

Font choice

Structure of sentences to provide the different informational needs :ethos, logos, and pathos.

Hierarchy is important for information relay what is most to least important I need to test and see if others agree with this process and the choices made in the structure of the website.

I will also look into what colors help to provide back up for the information and over all esthetic of the website.