Saturday, October 11, 2008

Match Kinetic Type Final Animation

Match: Strike,Burn, Break.


Michael May said...

Overall, I think your animation shows that you have a pretty good grasp on the concepts that made up the project objectives. Through your animation though, I did notice a few issues.

The striking motion seems a bit fast overall, and some of the strikes seem a bit wide (in relation to each other, as well as the size of an actual match). The blur transition you used from the first action to the second seems a bit weird, unnecessary even. I think you would have done fine just starting the letters on fire, just like you put them out in the end.

Your flame effect is nice. While it would have been nice to have animated fire, I think you really gave the feel of burning the way you treated the flickers. The burning out is a bit confusing because the letters that lit last go out first. Wouldn't the letters that first caught flame burn down first?

I think you resolved some of the issues you had with the match breaking. The cracking and falling off seems a bit more true to the actual motion now, instead of being more awkward, breaking straight down the center.

tealesm said...


the striking action at the beginning, and how it is so instant and eager. but it might also be a bit too fast, because i had to watch it again to even understand the meaning of that action.

the blurry transitions through out each action are very nice and fluid.

the flames of the letters off "MATCH" came out well, and i also enjoy how it flickers on and off through out.

the last action "break", i enjoy how it kinda feathers down off the stage.

work on-

maybe altering the direction of the first action "strike". and take it the route of frustrating strikes.
ex: miss firing multiple times.

the "burning" action, could it could be longer? since that action is what you want to be the main focus, also you could have some fun with spontaneous variety.

the transitioning of the letters at the end, from actions "burning-break" i would like to see a more fluid blurry effect from letter to letter.

other than that you animation has a very nice playful feeling to it, and also grasps the idea and i believe the audience receives the message well.

nicely done ^-^