Tuesday, October 28, 2008

How Strange Research

How Teale showed my object I'm not really sure if he new that Matryoshka dolls are really taken from a Japanese idea. Those dolls from Japan were called Fukuruma. So the nesting dolls existed before Russia really started to make them as popular as they have become today.

The idea of what The dolls are wearing is a style of peasants the headdress as wells as garments. these were very popular during 1920's the Soviet Government created cookie cutter Dolls that did not have the Artistic love and quality that they once had before the USSR. But in the 1990's Artists got the chance to take the unique styles back as well as newer more inventive nesting dolls. This is a dark secret that Teale shown in the dash lines along the stomach of the dolls. This dark ideal of the Government taking over artistic expression and turning it into a production and Profit creation rather than have it as tradition. I find that to be my motivation in next pieces.

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