Thursday, October 16, 2008

Comm Models:Object Postcard


tealesm said...

the way that you rendered your object i feel that its a positive point of view as far as color and composition go. on the other hand i only know what the object is because i have previous knowledge. others looking at this postcard would get a negative tone and i would think that they would not know what their looking at.
if you were to find a way to maybe zoom out just a little, enough to see part of the head of the object for example. or zoom out enough to see the mid section where the crack and the separation is would help ;)

i am also in need of more contrast of your object in your postcard. added higher contrast of lighting effects, or show of depth of black nothingness in the background.

over all if you were to clean it up and make it a little more noticeable to others what the object is, than people will have a better understanding. and from their we can decide on whether or not it is clearly positive or negative.

V whicky said...

I new I was going to show a classmate so they new what my object was. I see where you are coming from I will zoom out next time to help the over all mood. The one thing is with that image it came out looking like that from the photo the glaze on the dolls made this really neat effect with the lighting almost an angelic glow. The next one I will be sure to give it a good lighting effect as well as seeing the over all image. Thanks Teale!