Sunday, March 7, 2010

SE: Auto Show

This photo shows interaction within the auto show. Asking the viewer to get involved.

Another photo of people engaging in interaction at the auto show.

This one I thought was interesting because it attracted the younger audience to come and participate in the interactive game known as foosball.

This shows a car on display but the poetic part about it is the display that it is in. All wood display placed around the car almost giving it a home like effect.

This is persuasive in the fact it is showing the awards that this car company has made. This would entice the viewer to wanting to buy a well made car.

This is practical in the fact that viewers can choose the color of their car.

This is persuasive because nothing beats a man selling the car over a boom mic.

This is persuasive in showing all the viewers that Chevy offers so much more than any other car company.

This is persuasive in that the car company is showing the viewers who maybe outdoors people that this car is perfect for biking and so much more.

This is poetic because it is showing jeep in a beautiful landscape.

This one is poetic in the fact that it is showing Toyota with a image of nature. this could mean that Toyota is nature friendly or many other positive things.

This bored giving all the information on this Toyota is practical anyone who was wanting to buy a car would look at the miles per gallon this baby can take.

This is persuasive yet practical allowing the viewers to see what makes ford unique but also relating the icons to each individual car.

Practical showing the map of the arena this is being held in.

Practical showing icons for people to know where the bathrooms are located.

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