Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Degree project- Rapid Experiments

I'm going through questions that I want to test and see how a person that could be coming to this website would see for the first time. Before, diving in with what should be in the website I need to go over how I want the website to look and how it should be navigated through by the various users that will be interacting with the website. I really want to make sure that the web environment fits with the information. This means I will have to test the use of Fonts to see how the reaction of the user so different fonts to give the user a specific feeling for the information. Also, The wording the of the content is crucial for the understand the information in a specific way. I want to show the content in a range of hierarchy the most important information to the least important. So the information they should know first and foremost is provided at the beginning and not half way though a sentence or the website. Besides the web content their is an issue of knowing what colors help to back up the emotions that are conveyed within the content.

So the list follows:

Website layout prototype through paper prototyping

Font choice

Structure of sentences to provide the different informational needs :ethos, logos, and pathos.

Hierarchy is important for information relay what is most to least important I need to test and see if others agree with this process and the choices made in the structure of the website.

I will also look into what colors help to provide back up for the information and over all esthetic of the website.

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