Tuesday, January 26, 2010

degree project: Question

I thought this was a good that I was able to talk to someone that really didn't know what my project was about. This was because I had the ability to hear my idea from another person with a fresh perspective. I found that we had to work together to come up with an end result to a question that seemed so simple.

My Question: "How can information architecture aid in the education of suicide prevention to potential suicide victims and parties interested in helping?"

Alicia question:"How can a design system aid interaction between middle school students of different cultures in learning about one another and preventing prejudices early in life?"

I new from a kid that I wanted to be an artist. I would set smaller goals such as graduate high school, get into a good college. Now that I am almost done with college its about the big goals that seem endless. I would have to say I know I never want to truly grow up. I wanna keep that young perspective in life and look at things from interesting perspectives. I really love learning about new things. So I wanna show other students that its possible to enjoy gaining an education. So on that note I really wanna teach graphic design. So I wanna gain some experience in hopes to apply to some schools to gain my masters in Art an design. I hope while I'm in school I can hold a job and gain clients on the side. These clients I hope can be brought over when I get ready to teach. So that i can own my own business. If that doesn't work out i would like to be a Graphic Designer that teams up with different studios for jobs. So when I'm teaching I still get to do the things I love which is art and design.

So my over all ream is to become a teacher and to do graphic design when ever possible.

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