Friday, December 4, 2009

MX:Final Project Feed Back (POST HERE!)


Nik Smith said...

I like the visual metaphor I'm getting from your portfolio navigations of pulling open drawers, much like personal storage. I think that during class a good point that was brought up was establishing a type/image relationship with a rollover status. For Example, you could make you drawers a little thicker/deeper (vertical) and make the image slivers you were talking about and in your rollover state when we're like "ooo, what's that?" Some really well treated typography that is flush left can tell us your projects' names.

I was a little uncomfortable with some of your spatial relationships with the different navigation elements. I think you could use a little more of your real estate (scoot things closer to each other, scale some things up or down, make it more DYNAMIC :]) so that I know if your extra space is accidental or intentional. I also noticed your initial slide-show seemed too big and a little disparate. good idea though (everyone loves a slideshow!)

I think overall, your concepts are there, they just need to be flushed out aesthetically (I know that that wasn't part of the assignment, this is just one of those concepts) and spatially. I like that it's not hard to use and I respect how much complex code those drawers took to make.

Good job, dude! Can't wait to see it finished.

Genia (Evgeniya) Narinskaya said...

I appreciate your extra step to go beyond your existing knowledge of CSS and looking into more complex technology that is still connected to your area of interest. Just like Matt's, your website challenges the stereotype of common HTML page of the '90s.
The "stacking" metaphor is pretty interesting and lets you dive into the work. I think that your further step is to make them all open up and close up, but I'm sure you'll be able to do that. I agree with the comments in class that you should have more area for the image and descriptions. You can scroll down forever, so the hight of your image can be as big as you want it to be. You could also make the detail thumbnails smaller in the design stage of your website's development.
I am not sure about the main nav on your site, mainly because it does not show your name or any kind of title. Having your name somewhere on the main page can be useful to save clicks for potential employers.
The image navigation both linear and non-linear in a sense that you can skip works you're not interested in, but you are still going down on the page. It seems logical and pretty simple.
As a design/usability suggestion, you might consider naming the works in some kind of catchy, but not cheesy way (if you choose with labeling the images that is). If the title is the main thing that draws you to the work, it better be interesting.
I'm not very familiar with HTML, but you might also make the image slots a bit bigger for easier legibility.

Pretty good progress overall!