Monday, November 23, 2009


The idea of controlling the screen and becoming a god complex in its own right. As we are the eyes of our own world and go where we wish to go. This is because we want our virtual us to have as much control as we do so that we become more enveloped by us in that space there for an addiction happens. The idea of bringing the self to life with in the window or screen to show that we are able to react and that we can create our own movies in away. This idea of motion helps us connect that is why we love the TV is because we see moving breathing people we can relate to at times. Also, the same goes for paintings as we watch painting to see the persons interaction with each other so we can see some relation. Paintings have something called premeditated movement we can see what they are going to do in the movements in paintings. So in virtual reality we can start to see where those movements get us.

Durer with photography shows that he doesn't have a real respect for the liveliness of painting because it doesn't capture that movement. THough i would have to say that paintings allow a more idea of movement through the perspective of a few people. The idea of photography taking over is because everyone could afford it and take their own pictures. The idea of there own pictures shows their own perspective of the world and movement. With the camera the user is a button to take the picture. But with the use of computers you can become one with the interactive world as in joy sticks and mouses. With VR simulation becomes stimulation. What this means is we can have emotions within VR.

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