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Suicides in Kansas City

Suicides are on the rise all over the United States. One of the cities hit by this plight of people taking their own lives is Kansas City. Kansas City notes in a 2004 community health assessment, that Suicides are mostly caused by spouts of depression and mental health issues. The percentages are so high it is hard to believe. The methods of suicide flux in percentages and frequency of use.

First we need to look at the reasons of why more suicides are happening:

The economic crisis is putting stress on families and single people alike this causes some of them to fall over the edge and thinks there is only one way to escape.

Teens are dying from suicides at a faster rate this year than any other previous year, because of school bulling, prescription drugs that cause a metabolic imbalance, and puberty.

Short spouts of Depression cause a person to over react and take their own life. (drinking during depression seems to make this percentage go higher 24% of those who die from suicides have alcohol in their system).

Low self esteem is the leading cause in mentally healthy adults to take their own lives. This can be caused by work related harassment, medication, relationships, and unemployment.

Domestic violence is another high cause of suicides and falls under mental disorders, most children and adults that come from a domestic violent family have spouts of depression or bipolar disorder. These mental illnesses if not kept in check with medication can lead to suicides.

More suicides are caused by handguns than any other weapon or form of bodily harm.

Lastly is guilt, this is caused by stealing or killing. The fact is the person does not want to be caught by the law. he only way to Escape from persecution is by taking ones life. example

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