Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Comments for Flash Web



Michael May said...

• Rendering method of individual objects (appropriate? cohesive? engaging?)
The fact that your books are photographed at odd angles is nice, and fits well with the overall feel of the site, it seems like some need a bit of color correction, but that is very minor. They all seem to fit together, even with the books being so diverse.
Your smaller icons are a little more confusing though, it's hard to tell what the books are if you don't already know.

• Composition & typography of site's content (accessible? refined? engaging?)
The typeface choice is nice, but some of the typography is kind of weird. The letter spacing on your title went a little crazy at the start (probably not your fault) and sometimes your text gets a little small to see. Colors are nice. I would recommend more consistent placement for some of the text that appears on the right hand, bottom corner. It jumps a little when you change some pages.

• Information visualization strategies (clear? informative? engaging?)
Your infographs are clear and simple. Easy to understand, nice to read. Though, while they fit the rest of the site in color, they don't seem to integrate that well into their space (I have this problem too :( ). That's a minor thing though, because I think they are clearly readable with a cohesive visual style.

• Functionality (clear? user-friendly? engaging?)
Works pretty well. I was a little confused on the front page when clicking the books didn't do anything. Your buttons along the top work well, except for the fact that they have invisible overlaps (if that makes any sense). Sometimes when I try to click one, another icon is selected. Maybe your sorting methods should be more prominent? They're a little small, they could get MUCH bigger and still look nice.

Morgan Ashley Allen said...


you're books look good. i really enjoy the intro image; its nice to see them all together, which makes me think you ought too show them all together more often. for instance, after you have clicked the sorting method of your choice, you add the navigation of the books in that particular order at the top, but it would be nice to see them arranged in that order in the main information area, but visually in the same way you've displayed them on the intro page (like whole books, scattered on a floor). these books could serve as another navigation (second to the one at the top) and thus be clickable to show their particular info graph.

there are a few issues with the clicking of the fight club icon up top. the blobs from the two adjacent books are bleeding over and keep me from having click space.

in your descriptions of the books, you have some interesting information, but make sure you quote the book when describing it, i.e. "To drop bottom is the only way you can be free from the bonds of life. You are not the cloths you wear." If this are your words, I would suggest keeping a consistent tone of voice. The poetic description is fun, but I think the the objective "is about being a terrorist..." is more informative.

i think in your info graphs you have enough room in that dark pink area to allow yourself to increase the size of the type. Some copy is hard to read due to counters disappearing and what-not. And with this said, i think everything should lbe a little larger except for "Palahniuk". the sorting methods, the desciptions of the books, and the info graph typography could all be bigger, but just a little. There is hierarchy working within them as is, but overall too small.

Josh Eithun said...



i like the smaller cropped view at the top, and then the distorted full view upon the click. Im glad that you didnt put a perfect photo of each book in there. the cropping is interesting, looks thought out, and is consistent.


i think the typeface choice is great. Watch the details tho.

as we talked about in regards to te rollovers - rotate in three different ink splots to show some variety. it would be nice if you could make all the ink blots looks different. (this can be done with the three variations by rotating them slightly and wisely placing them. It would really add something to your site.

what does the title mean?


good! there is a good variety of information represented and it is represented well ( that pie chart is pretty empty tho - the one that seems all strokes) make sure they all follow the same identity guidelines. im not positive but if i remember right some of them were pushing continuity.

i really like the icons in your fight club infograph!


The site is engaging and easy to navigate. really do need that blurb explaining the author in order to get the purpose of your aesthetic, however.