Monday, March 23, 2009

Typography name: Type genetics
subtitle: forming the family

This 2 day conference at Kansas City Art Institue consists of understanding type genetics (the structure with in a typeface such as X-heights and the weighs of the various typefaces) within the computer. At this conference you will be able to view and use multiple typefaces and font families to create a unique rage of typographic images. In this conference typographers and designers will come together to understand how type can be utilized in typography programs to create new structures such as landscapes, people, and objects. Throughout the conference there will be workshops and demos to help receive a better understanding of how type genetics is constructed and used. Special guest speaker Roberto de Vicq de Cumptich will be showing some of his work and answering questions on this subject.

Speaker Bio

Roberto de vicq de Cumptich was born in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In 1982 he moved up to New York after receiving a painting scholarship from the Pratt Institute where he earned his MFA. Roberto works as Senior Creative Director/VP at Harper Collins. Some of his clients include Adobe, Alfred A. Knopf, Columbia Records, and MTV. Roberto is well known for his playful use of type faces to create landscapes and characters. One of his works–Bembo Zoo– a childrens book created where the animals are created by the type face Bembo.

other names:

The faces of type
-creating emotion through type images

-creating emotion through type

the big picture
-using type to create images

type characteristics
-image through typefaces

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