Monday, March 23, 2009

Conference in a nut shell

The conference is about computer generated typography and its modern day genetics. By genetics I mean the family that font fits into the weights and height that makes up its characteristics. These type faces when put into a humanistic ideal such as a skull convey the genetics of the typefaces when placed side by side. This creative thinking helps us understand the constructs of the typeface both in structure and outer structure with in a computer program. The outer structure being the tracking and curing of letter forms. So, when the typefaces are put side by side the slight differences show when placed in this imagery. Not only the typeface has its own genetics but the skulls they form a type of genetic marker as well.

The speaker will talk about how to make type into something new something sexy. Using different type faces to create various women makes the genetics unique in that they are the same image but the type face changes the placement and body structure of each woman made out of the typography therefore the type has unique genetics it will be passed to the image. Even if they are the slightest changes in the thickness of a letter it will change the whole image of the woman. Taylor Lane design representative Gary Lane will show how this unique type to image concept is put into action.

Within the work shops you will learn how to put typography into images and see the difference many font families make to your art work that you have created. You will find this out by using Computer base programs as well as hands on work.

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