Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Degree project: deep thoughts

So I have started collecting stories from people who have lost others from suicide..and I think i will collect stories on other peoples thoughts on suicide to see it from different angles. Josh in my class brought up a good point in saying "This is just your information is their anything out there in other books that you have looked at?" And I told him the truth of it is that Suicide has been looked at from this one point of view seen through both the books and the web. This point of view being tell them to stop it, show the warning signs, and tell them how they can get help. There are still suicides happening I think this information does help, but I want to see if their is anything else out their that could as well. I wanna look at peoples stories because of a little thing called glorification. This word glorification means when you are glorifying someones death: AKA you put that someone committed suicide in the newspaper though you cannot do this and the parties involved often don't want to expose the cause of death. So this brings me to the fact that if you hid these truths will it help? My answer is no. People need to know the stores from the people who new the person who committed suicide. This way a person thinking about it may have second thoughts because they are going to hurt someone that they are very close to. So i really want to push it into their minds that they are not alone and there are connections even after their deaths. I wanna show what suicide has done to a family how it changed them forever. Perhaps then they will see that suicide is a selfish way of dying. Any comments or suggestions??

Monday, February 1, 2010

Degree project Tests

so I have done three experiments so far on people I have dubbed the Ginny pigs. The first experiment I have asked a few people to look at note cards with different topics written on them. Topics that could be titles for categories in a website. So they would take note cards and put them from most important to least important. This is coming from their own opinion. Most of the Ginnies had the same order. It was to understand if my structure of hierarchy could be understood from anyone if they could put this in order.

The second experiment involves finding a font that everyone can relate to. I asked questions such as what font makes you feel comfortable? What font allows readability?
Most of the people narrowed it down to one serif and one san-serif.

The third is finding out what a layout for a website may look like through various sketches.