Monday, November 23, 2009


The idea of controlling the screen and becoming a god complex in its own right. As we are the eyes of our own world and go where we wish to go. This is because we want our virtual us to have as much control as we do so that we become more enveloped by us in that space there for an addiction happens. The idea of bringing the self to life with in the window or screen to show that we are able to react and that we can create our own movies in away. This idea of motion helps us connect that is why we love the TV is because we see moving breathing people we can relate to at times. Also, the same goes for paintings as we watch painting to see the persons interaction with each other so we can see some relation. Paintings have something called premeditated movement we can see what they are going to do in the movements in paintings. So in virtual reality we can start to see where those movements get us.

Durer with photography shows that he doesn't have a real respect for the liveliness of painting because it doesn't capture that movement. THough i would have to say that paintings allow a more idea of movement through the perspective of a few people. The idea of photography taking over is because everyone could afford it and take their own pictures. The idea of there own pictures shows their own perspective of the world and movement. With the camera the user is a button to take the picture. But with the use of computers you can become one with the interactive world as in joy sticks and mouses. With VR simulation becomes stimulation. What this means is we can have emotions within VR.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Computers provide us with a world to enter one that has no really boundaries except for how far we have advanced in coding and realism. We have become addicted to our computers and rely on them to give us information and to help us in keeping in touch with people who live miles away. This allows for a more convenient life style, but to make it more convenient we have transformed the computer and internet into almost a real world tool. Most websites are trying to go in a format that relates to the human condition of web use. What we have learned we will know thus allowing people to create things based around these laws. Though more people are breaking out and trying new things such as, making the web world seem more like real life by using commonly known textures, or how everything is formed to look like a home. This idea is great the only problem is it is never really like reality due to the separation through the screen and it will only be framed within this world.

The idea of having multiple screens on a computer is a brilliant idea due to the fact that it allows the user to choose what they want to see and how they wish to view it. Shall the picture plane be smaller or larger to fit the whole screen. This idea of freedom takes away from the illusionistic qualities as well. I see it as giving them freedom allows a viewer to be submerged in one thing but can also leave that illusion and seek out another one. This causes problems as the viewer is not getting the whole effect due to distractions.

Yes, I agree that the computer screen allows for the story to be told behind the screen that is projected to the viewer. Though in the ways of web the viewer is not seeing it as a cinematic screen or an illusion because they have the option of staying liner or becoming non-liner and producing their own illusion. This is where our user experience helps a designer rethink ideas to keep us interested in what there is to look at and how we are support to perceive this. So new designs are thought up and used based on us the user. You do not see that in any other technology where the user is the real player in what is created through out. Yes, they make new TV shows...but they never look to the viewer for ideas. Yes, new tv's are made but that is due to technology becoming higher quality. But, it is through web that designers and web gurus really look at the viewers for inspiration and praise in what they do. This inspiration leads to more ideas such as taking something 2-D and showing it as 3-D. This allows the user to fully experience what the creation is by seeing it at many different angles. This keeps the viewers attention because they are used to seeing this 3-D effect in real life which causes more relation to the work. Also, the idea of 3-D creates more of an illusion because they view it as a real time object even though its placed on a screen. This screen doesn't stop the viewer from exploring every corner and color of the new model. So in a way the screen is becoming just a frame it is what is inside of it that makes it so unique because we can relate to it so we create our own illusions.

Monday, November 16, 2009


We are born into new media so we are attracted to it through the objects that within; what is being sold, favorite shows, commercials, and narrations. Through understanding one media you have the ability to learn another media. It is interesting how we interact with the web as if it is a living entity sending emails, using it to talk to friends on a chat, or even reading stories. Because the experience is what makes the web unique it thus allows the user to become apart of the world and the narration or experience rather than just an observer. One has to make sure that the illusion is strong within the website as i have learned from previous readings. The illusion is what attracts a user and keeps them in because they are experiencing the illusion and falling for it as well as enjoying it.

Learning the ways of interface is unique in that it seems to change a website slowly or fast there is no in-between. By slow meaning the website changes over a duration of time such as buttons at first then the color of the screen allowing a user to slowly adapt to the new form. The other method the faster way is when a website its put up or changed drastically there is no time for the user to adapt they have to figure it out all over again. This can be frustrating to a user because of the new interface though if there is interaction that allows the user to feel in control i think that they adapt to the programing much quicker because they can decide how they want to take in all the new information.

When it comes to computers adapting to other media that is not true. Media adapts to computers. This is because the power of cinema has done all that it can do and looks to do more with CGI and VRML They want to not only control how you view something and how you perceive but also how you see the world by creating it for you. This happens not only in cinema but also in video games. The user in both these mediums only have so much control though in video games it becomes more than cinema. Within cinema you are shown how the director wants you to see it and the same goes for video games. Video games how ever give you different options, such as how to view something, options to interact with other characters, and how your story will end up due to your choices. The only draw back is it is not true freedom because you are still being controlled by the director and writer. You can only go down so many paths and do so many things before it gets old. VRML on computers how ever become more of a freedom. This goes for secondlife which i play. Second life allows a user to choose what they want to do and how they wish to do it. Yes somethings are controlled such as how your camera works to view the Virtual reality but there is more of a soul to it. Because how you interact with people really reflects on you because it is you. Yes it may be pixels but there is still a person behind that who can make conscious decisions with out being told.

Also, what i have noticed is that in cinema there are different ways of viewing things such as in theaters or on the TV and it comes in different forms such as DVD, VHS, Blue-Ray, or AVI. There is a different idea to this because you are using movies as an investment you are paying money to really get into the movie. You perceive the illusion in a movie theater less but when you are at home you are swallowed in. Why? THis is because you can hear people eating popcorn or a baby crying every so often in a movie theater and your world of illusion is broken and their for becomes a waist of money. How ever the world of the internet allows you to view websites in your own comfort zone and on your own time without any distractions allowing a user to really get into the illusion of the website. Only there is a problem here, the problem is not for the user but for the developer of the website. They have to constantly ask the questions of how do i get them to stay? how do i get them to read over everything and understand what I'm trying to say? and How much control do I want to give to the user? These questions are all asked and they come down to... How can you make a user invest their time to your website. It is the investment that is important..the more a person invests into something the more they pay attention. More websites are doing this by allowing the user to control how the webpage looks for them. creating forums to talk about different information and also forming bonds with other people that use the same website. These become some investments to keep users around and keep their attention.

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