Sunday, September 13, 2009

Multi Media (Out/in world ideas)

1. Needs: For knowledge on the spot of an object or antique they wish to know more about such as price, quality, and history.

Different antiquers on the website uploads objects and object information to a data base. This is based on the ideal of Wiki group trusting and maintaining. People would be able to use a specially crafted magnifying glass that uses a built in wifi connection to the data base. When people point the magnifying glass at an object at an antique shop (like a flash gordon lunch box) by pressing a button on the magnifying glass they pull up information read out on the on the object on the glass around the object. So it helps to identify an antique by depends on the collective for the correct information.

2. Needs: Knowing the best places to go to and explore. A ratting system for different important things would help in the factor of knowing the best places to go to.

Place mapping providing iphone/gps mapping of all the different antique shops (the magnifying glass when used a number of times 5x will plot the point) Also users that are on the website are allowed to add shops and rate them on a bases.
rating by

cost : is it expensive or cheep?

location: is it easy to get too or is parking easy?

specialty: does it have more industrial stuff or any other types?

quality: is it going to allow for good quality items or low items?

3.Needs: To see what the shop contains and what other people may find interesting before visiting the shop. Keeps form being let down from all the hype people verbally place on a specific shop.

Tagging shops by photographs so when looking at shops online you also get images to see what they have before going.

4. Needs: People looking for specific gift items or things for their collection with out having to hunt for them because of a time limit or other factors.

Playing with tagged words like green, happy, panted, owl- this will bring up different pictures of users and vendors items along with the store its located in: like River market vender number #5568 easy to find taking the hunt and makes searching easy if you are looking for a specific gift or object.

5. Needs: For some users the way an object may look in the home is the important idea. To do this they need pictures of their home and color arrangement to know what would look and work best in their home environment.

Matching system taking a picture of the wall in your home or a chair and having image cutting and pasting options allowing you to take a picture of the painting and cropping i against the chair to see if it works in over all style.

6. Needs: Some antiquers are also creators a collaboration between different artistic and creative users through a step by step process to create new things form used items.

tutorial videos text image or workshops on how to produce your very own style like steam punk or ratting.

7. Needs: Collecting relationships are a big part of antiquing. To be able to meet other people that have the same interests even on multiple levels would help connect and collaborate on expanding users collections.

Creating a mapping universe of collectors- such as sara owns a Gumby lunch box....This shows how many other register users have the same lunch box. then it branches off sara may also have a pee wee herman doll and from that image it branches off on people this allows to see who you really relate to by a webbing of objects and people who relate to them by ownership.

If you have feed back please post!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Design Systems(3 concepts)

Just for noting all three of these ideas are things that relate to my life and that I would like to dive into to help both myself and others understand the syndrome(s).

Thank you.

1. Alzheimer's United

This organization helps families and family members deal with a person with Alzheimer's Syndrome. This organization will help people cope with the illness that has afflicted they're elderly relatives. The idea behind it is support from more than just family, but a group of people who are going through the exact same ordeal. To share ideas and information that can help lessen the pain and provide support. As a group they can come together to address issues that they have noticed, similar symptoms, and how to go about fixing them with the research that is out there.Alzheimer's Association provides information about how to get help and treatment, but does little to give aid to the families of the illness.

2. Osteogenesis Imperfecta (Brittle bone syndrome)

This organization will help people with Osteogenesis to promote their own awareness as well as creating their own social networking. Most people with Osteogenesis cannot get around easily because of the dangers the world poses to their fragile bodies. This organization is to help the people with all types of osteogenesis communicate towards each other. This will help them learn more about their disease and creating strong bonds with other members who may have had the same procedures. Also, the communication will help people talk about operations and how to be prepared to allow others to be come more confident when going to the ER.OI Foundation provides information about the illness. The foundation provides support groups but not on the online factor or large seminars.

3. Duaine's Syndrome (Type 1,2,3)

This Organization will be built to inform parents about the syndrome of eye known as Duaine's Syndrome. Duaine's Syndrome is a lack of nerve development in the eye or eyes of a child. This syndrome is known about, but there is no known organization for people with Duaine's syndrome. This organization will be formed to inform parents, teens, and children about the syndrome. Also, it will allow for communication and formation of groups so that people can talk about their adaptations of the illness and how they cope with it in every day living. This organization will help adults know the signs of what type of Duaine's their child has and how to watch it to make sure it is in check.