Friday, August 29, 2008

Audience for Poster

African American young adults.

1. Rap Music, R&B, name brands,Gold chains very bright jewelry, closely net communities, Keeping close to their roots.

2. Having better education, Creating better schools in urban areas some areas are high in crime and have poor schooling areas, Creating change and helping Martin Luther Kings "I have a Dream." come true. To help better their future along with their children's future. Because the election they vote for now will have effect for many years to come.

3.This will be the first African American Male to ever take on the roll as a Democrat to get the nations vote in the up coming elections. They see that how their families have struggles before them with civil rights is finally paid off. Also Martin Luther King's Dream of people uniting as one not based on color or believe is finally coming true. More African American College students are involved in this political movement then i have ever seen before. Its because they have a chance at making history.

4. A lot of what Graphics are out there are street related such as very tag art styles graffiti related. more of the clothing has a very colorful flair to them.

5. They have not signed up yet. They feel they really can not make a difference as well as ill informed on how voting works as well. In the Past they had Democrats and Republican where not dealing with issues that they though where important. Also last year in St. Louis the poles had such long lines that some people did not get the chance to vote.

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