Thursday, November 13, 2008


Show Opener would be a show about the dangers of Tobacco smoking through a creepy comical sort of way.I want it to be like those 1950's informational shorts that creepy/funny informational skit.
This show would be there to inform teens to help them on the road to quitting by showing the facts.An example would be how many teens truly get addicted to tobacco smokeing each year.
A show host seems needed considering the time slots and the two shows before and
after. (such as a talking cigarette maybe some side characters in the background such as tracia Man.) This show opener would be on the Cartoon Network during the time of Adult Swim in between Family guy and Robot Chicken (because these are the two top rated shows on the network more viewers would see the show opener) The audience would be the ages ( most smokers start out before the age of 18 and as a result the younger the more likely they are to get addicted. This is shown in the stats below)

I want the cartoon characters(perhaps even cut outs) to have that 1950's sort of talk and spunk perhaps a cigarette talking to Johnny about the importance of living a good healthy life. And if he doesn't the boy oh boy...

Hard to find smoking related video's I found a fewthat have a relation of different ideals. from a delightful tone, Serious smooth motion, Then a Dark view of Smoking. they put out all those truth commercials About how smoking can kill lately it has be doing it in a child like perspective.

Thank you for smoking intro, idea

Newsum example of what is inside of the Newsum

Slightly funny ad for the anti smoking cause.

1950's Informational short Atomic Bomb.

Flintstones smoking Winstons

By expressing this project through a show Opener It would better attract the audience being more practical then having a Data Presentation. Also having this flash animation would better sustain my portfolio with an example of my understanding of media composition through Flash as well as other programs. Also it's something out of the ordinary for myself to do something comical through graphic design media. Also its very unexpected to view a image that way.

Monday, November 10, 2008

NonLinear Viehweg

First allow me to explain the setting and placement. When doing a puzzle about smoking I couldn't help but think of a bar scene. Because as a person is smoking they try to keep busy or is distracted by things around them. The two videos that keep going in loops are like TV's in the bar keep going. I placed these there to see if I could distract my viewer from the real task of exploring their surroundings and completing the puzzle. The pack of cigarettes,zippo lighter, and ash tray are to there to help the viewer understand what they are doing and what is to be discovered...something about smoking. I placed the two songs both the ring of fire and Light my fire was very well known songs that are played in many bar and party areas alike.

Through the viewer I wanted to do several things in the flash animation to cause emotions and a since of uneasiness. Through the Videos replaying I wanted to give a consent since of motion that could not be stopped by the viewer and is out of there hands this could cause them to be uneasy,curious,and having a hard time concentrating.
The discovery of the sounds and putting them together through though would make them relate back to the image or another thought. I wanted to put a mood to smoking that it is bad and it does not matter what place your in. When i comes to the puzzle I gave the viewer time to play and discover what they could make from the puzzle or even creating the puzzle or a whole different collaged image.

The Problems I ran into. With Flash I wish there was a class taught here about it because I really do want to learn more. Also, if i had the skills already This project would not have been so difficult. I had to walk away from my computer a few times because of all the scripting errors that inflicted my animation as i worked through it. Once fixing the error it seemed easier to create the same code for a copy. I Want to explore Flash more after doing this project. At the same time I feel like I have completed a lot even though I wanted to rip out my hair at times.

I wanted to create a mood or an area that my non linear animation could live in. At first this was hard I kept viewing it as a puzzle being placed on a table or a background that related to the problems of smoking...So I started to think outside the box if it were. That is when I found I had the power as the crater to place this puzzle anywhere. So I chose a kind of bar scene because that is where I smoke the most as a smoker. When I'm in the bar I think of how I am going to quit smoking. So the sounds and the music behind it is My feelings towards quiting it is there but its so hard to reach. After finding the right setting it started to tie together so much better than what it was before.

nonLinear Second and Final

The final project.

NonLinear First Exploration screen shot

This is the first attempt at creating a puzzle in Flash, It came out childish in the first set but the second set the puzzle came out stronger and much better than before.